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    http://www.jxlean.gov.cn/english/ Brif Introduction of Le'an County 樂安概述 Lean in central Jiangxi province is located in the hinterland, the southwest of Fuzhou City, the county town 164 kilometers, 121 kilometers from the provincial capital Fuzhou, Nanchang, the Beijing Kowloon Railway Station 50 km. Yihuang East Chongren County, county, Ganzhou City, Ningdu; southeast of Southwest Ji'an city; Yongfeng; northwest by dry; north of Yichun city in Fengcheng. Has built Fu Ji encryption speed through my hinterland County, and Jiangxi and Guangdong, Beijing Fuzhou highway two linked, greatly shorten the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Southeast Fujian Delta distance. The county a total area of 2412.59 square kilometers, with 9 rural town 6 1 farm, jurisdiction 175 village committees, 1651 village groups, the total population of 365000 people, of which agricultural population of 287000 people. Lean is a 1000 year old town. Le'an county was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing nineteen years (AD 1149), has 800 years of history. "The first village" Liu Keng Cun, with its history of prosperity of the imperial culture, to preserve the integrity of the ancient buildings, and into the natural environment have a style of one's own village, village layout, exquisite beyond compare architectural decoration, rich clan remains, simple pure folk customs, colorful local culture is famous in the world. Flow of ancient buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties also Keng Cun was included in the national key cultural relics protection units and the first national historical and Cultural Village (now is a famous historical and cultural village in Jiangxi province only). Liukeng "Nuo" a thousand years enduring, is so far the only surviving the most ancient Nuo and Nuo dance, in 2006 is listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Le'an county is the focus of the county of national poverty alleviation work, the economic foundation is very weak, but lean is a piece of land full of hope, facing rare opportunities for development, open and inclusive of Le'an people million people united as one man, our wills unite like a fortress., is full of vigorous endeavor passion; county Party committee, county government context of situation, and actively support the construction of the economic zone ecological Poyang Lake, active integration into the Hercynian Economic Zone, to catch up with the goal of development, large quantity, vigorously implement the two strategies (project driven and ecological county), three main area (Park, City, area), the three (new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, strengthening security (four) the construction of harmonious construction, ideology, work style of cadres, party), to lay the "five big battle", and strive to build lean lean, enlightened, entrepreneurial ecology, rich music, harmony of lean lean. The County's History 縣城歷史 Music has a long history, is the spring and autumn when the week is Chu, Wu, the early Warring States period is more, Qin is Jiujiang County, the Western Han Dynasty is a Yuzhang Nancheng County, in the Eastern Han Linru County, Wu during the three kingdoms are in Linchuan County, Eastern Jin Mudi Yong 3 years (347 years), Chi Lok County, is Linhai county. Sui is Chongren County, Tang was abandoned. Five generations after Tang Changxing the first year (930 years), due to risk management of glenohumeral stream Le'an County, renamed Yongan county. People hope of eternal peace. Northern Song Jing 4 years (1007), Song Zhenzong in the "cave mountain shielding Zhou Wei, and immortal curtilage", made "Yongan" to "Xianju changed". The Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing nineteen years (in 1149) to set up county, jurisdiction, lean, God, country and cloud cover, and a township and county. To build the county belongs to Fuzhou, Fuzhou road in Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing government is Fuzhou, China has an Yuzhang Road, seventh years after the founding of the administrative jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of Fuzhou area. The county government for the Ao Town, the county has a total of 855 years of history. Geographical Position 地理位置 Le'an county is located in central Jiangxi Province, southwest of Fuzhou City, Shaoxing county was founded in nineteen years (1149), has been 800 years of history. Eastern border with Fuzhou, Chongren, Yihuang County, adjacent to Yongfeng, the new County West of Ji'an City, Ningdu County, Ganzhou city of the south, north of Yichun City, Fengcheng City, Fuzhou, Yichun, fort is connected Ji'an, Ganzhou four city. The county town 160 kilometers from the provincial capital city of the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Nanchang eight station 50 kilometers, 880 kilometers of Shanghai City, Hangzhou City, Guangzhou City, 660 kilometers, 720 kilometers, Fuzhou 580 kilometers, 770 kilometers of Xiamen City, Wuhan City 602 kilometers, the basic formation of 7 hour economic circle. The upcoming construction of the Fu Ji encryption speed will pass through the hinterland County, and Jiangxi and Guangdong, Beijing Fuzhou highway two linked, greatly shorten the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Southeast Fujian Delta distance. Administrative Division 行政區劃 County jurisdiction 9 towns, 6 townships (of which 1 townships): Ao Xi Zhen, Gong Xi Zhen, Shan Dang Zhen, Gong Fangzhen, Dai Fang Zhen, Niu Tian Zhen, Wan Chong Zhen, Zeng Tian Zhen, Zhao Xi Zhen, Hu Xi Xiang, Luo Po Xiang, Hu Ping Xiang, Nan Cun Xiang, valley Gang Xiang, Zhu Yu xiang. A total of 15 neighborhood committees, 175 village committees. County People's Government in the Ao Xi zhen. Natural Resources 自然資源 Natural resources is relatively rich in Le'an County, ecological environment is superior. The territory of underground, the surface has proven resources are: Clay 6500000 tons, 1500000 tons of raw coal, 4000000 tons of limestone, 130000 tons, 400000000 cubic meters of fluorite granite, high grade and quartz stone, rare earth, lead zinc silver, crystal stone, copper, tungsten, tin, gold and high-quality natural mineral water. In a mild climate, belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, with hills, the grass slope of 255000 acres, 150000 acres of water, 1190 species of plants resources, is one of the national commodity wood and bamboo base in the county of Jiangxi province and the key forestry county. The existing forest area of 2784000 mu, Mao Zhulin area of 254000 mu, bamboo reserves 22800000, annual production of 12000000 tons of bamboo shoots. Including the Southern China tigers, about 269 species of wild animal. Economic Development 經濟發展 Since the founding of new China, the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party, lean in "be poor and blank" basis, carve, pioneering and innovative, make efforts, through the arduous and tortuous road, has achieved remarkable performance. By the end of 2006, the county realized a GDP of 1480000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.6%; the total agricultural output value of 470000000 yuan, an increase of 6.8%; above scale industrial output value of 463000000 yuan, an increase of 17.3%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 754520000 yuan, an increase of 15.6%; per capita net income of farmers 1665.74 yuan, growth of 15.1%, the annual average wage of workers 11186 yuan, growth of 8.1%. The main pillar industry is tobacco, sericulture, bamboo, pork, mushroom, Chinese herbal medicine etc.. Characteristics of products are mainly Liukeng ancient village tourism products, such as mycophenolate tofu, bad fish, Agrocybe etc. The cause of social development, the growing ranks of scientific and technological achievements of science and technology, constantly enrich. The rapid development of education, education reform, school-age children enrollment rate of 100%, basically wipe out illiteracy. The people's cultural life rich and colorful, the healthy development of the construction of spiritual civilization. Medical and health conditions gradually improved, mass sports achievements. Social stability, convenient transportation, communications developed, further strengthen the infrastructure, adequate water and electricity, picturesque scenery, a bright future.

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